Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hello there

Hello Lovelies and Welcome Back!
How have yall been?
I know that I havent been on much at all this year. Life hasnt been the nicest to me. Things have been very difficult. I didnt plan on not being able to blog like I wanted and I am very sorry for that. I will try as this year is coming to an end and 2015 is closly approaching to blog more. I am not going to go into much detail about all of what has happened. I just hope that in the near future more peace to my life and a more steady life style.
I hope that you guys have had a blessed thanksgiving and I hope that you all  have a great christmas and a great new year incase I do not have time to get on here!
until next time beauties!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Color Favorites Featuring Victorian Disco Cosmetics-Greens

Hello Lovelies,
Hope yall are doing fantastic. I recently had a friend mention some blog ideas to me. Top three favorite colors from companies that I own. That was to hard to narrow down, so I thought I would do my favorite three color catagories from the companies that I own. This week I will be featuring Victorian Disco Cosmetics. I choose to start with greens. I already had my three favorite greens from Victorian Disco Cosmetics swatched, so I can just do them first.

Photo taken in natural lighting (outside) over Vixoden Cosmetics primer.
VDC: Deep blue base with green sheen and teal shimmers
BMEB: A deep emerald green with Blueish green shimmers too it. Whats better than both my top three favorite colors blue and green.

Picture taken in natural light (outside) and used over primer from Vixoden Cosmetics.

School Books are Exspensive:
VDC:Sheerish glowing green duochrome with an off white base, the color of money, because you know you're spending too much on those books.
BMEB: This pigment has the most amazing duochrome to it.  It appears to be a seafoam green in the jar, but once you swatch it its greenish/Gold.
This color was September 2013 color of the month. This color is no longer up for purchase.

photo taken in natural lighting (outside) swatched over Vixoden Cosmetics primer
Potter Stinks:
VDC:Extremely bright green, almost yellowish neon.
BMEB: A lime is green/yellow. I love this color so much because of the brightness it has too it. Potter Stinks does have some shimmer and sparkle too it.

That is my three favorite greens that I own from Victorian Disco Cosmetics. Please stay tuned the next few days for another post featuring my favorite blues from Victorian Disco.
Until then take care and have a blessed day.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shiro Cosmetics Swatches

One of my lovely facebook friends recently sent me a package full of many indie prettys. Among some of these prettys, where some shiro cosmetics samples. I have heard lots of great things about Shiro Cosmetics, but have yet to try them. I have also heard that her sample baggies are the best. I personally love clamshells so I was like there is no way her baggies could be better than clamshells. And yet again I have been proven wrong. The baggies that these come in, are so stinking cute and small. They do hold a lot of pigment in them! Although I got colors that I really wont use, I itleast got to see how amazing these pigments where. I didn't take photos of the pigments in the baggies. There would be to much of a glare with it.
Dark Sacrifice: A beautiful navy/royal blue colored pigment. I may actually have to purchase a mini jar of this color. When I first saw this color I was like I am not going to like it. Through the baggie, it looked like a black eyeshadow. But low and behold its blue. Such a sweet surprise.

Epona:  A light Chocolate brown colored pigment. This pigments would actually work with filling in my brows, however I am still learning how to do that.

Beyond the Fence: A olive green with gold flecks to it. Again not sure if I will end up using this pigment. It is a beautiful color. Just not for me.

Star Crossed:  a Chocolate brown with lots of shimmer and sparkle. I actually kind of like this one. We will see what I can create with this beautiful color.

Detective: A green/silver based pigment. This color could be used as a liner. It would be a beautiful liner color.

 Mistrust: A rusty looking brown. This color looked like a matte in the baggie, however didn't apply like a matte. I will not use this color at all. I know my mother would which is great news for her.

Triforce: A beautiful gold colored pigments. This pigments has a lot of sparkle to it, which I love. This would be a pretty color to use in/around the tearduck part of your eye and to use as a liner.
I cant really give my normal rating to these samples as they where gifts from a friend. I will say that these products are amazing, easy to work with and blend. I will be purchasing in the future and will be doing more reviews and swatches of shiro cosmetics.
If you are interested in looking or purchasing from Shiro Cosmetics, just click the link below and it will take you to their store.

As Always thanks for reading my blog
XOXO Beyond.My.Eyes.Beauty

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Virus Insanity Mini Haul

Hello Lovelies, Welcome back.
So recently I have been hooked on Virus insanity's eyeshadow. They are so richly pigmented, and easy to work with. Why wouldn't anyone love them. I know that some people, I was one of them at first, complain about the amounts of eyeshadows being smaller. But if you have never worked with loose shadows, then you don't know how little product you have to use. I notice with Virus Insanity that, I use less then I do with other indie companies. I cant remember if I have mentioned this before, but Virus Insanity does a lot of sales. I personally love the free shipping sales. It saves me $5.00 an order.  I ended up getting 8 clamshells this time. I also recieved a free jar of Becca Ecca due to Jenny being a little late cause of the huge snow storm that her state had. Can you believe that she has already gotten snow in October. Are you ready to see what I got?
VI: a purple with iridescence, that shift from teal to blue to violet.
BYEB: a Light purple that changes to blue.
This color would be a great highlight and blending color. I love this color a lot, so much that I may throw out the $6.50 to get it lol

 Flip Flops
VI: Bright lime green full of golden sparkles.
BMEB: I personally wont consider this a bright lime green, but it is a long the lime green link. The gold sparkles add an amazing turn out this this already beautiful green color.
You can purchase this color here:!regular-eyeshadows/vstc8=greens/productsstackergalleryv215=3
VI: Foolish is a teal that with iridescence that shift from blue to reddish to lilac
BMEB: I would have to but this as a more aqua colored blue. I personally see the lilac but don't see the reddish iridescences in this pigment.

 Learn from Yesterday
VI: is a purple pink with rainbow of glitter
BMEB: I would say that this pigment is a fuchsia colored pink. You can tell that there are a lot of different colored sparkles in this pigment. (I kinda had trouble with the swatches on this one)
You can purchase this color here:!regular-eyeshadows/vstc8=pinks/productsstackergalleryv212=2
VI: Light shimmery blue with slight teal tones
 BMEB: Where do I start! I love this blue I wouldn't say that it is a light blue. To me a light blue is something more along the lines of baby blue. This is a beauty blue colored pigment with lots of blue shimmer to it.
You can purchase this product here:!regular-eyeshadows/vstc8=blues/productsstackergalleryv214=17
Drunken Leprechaun
VI: A light green with rose colored iridescence
BMEB: A sea foam green color with a red/pink colored iridescences to it

VI: A light spring time green with blue iridescence
BMEB: I would say this color is a springy green color. Not a very light green more of a darker teal/green color.

Rainbow Vomit
VI: A bright dusty Blue that shifts from red to copper to Gold
BMEB: I find this a bright purpleish/blue. You can tell that it has a lot of red iridescence to it.
Pigments: 10/10
Blendability: 10/10
Texture: 10/10
Shipping: 9/10
Would I purchase again! Of course!
Would I recommend! Of course!
As Always thanks for reading my blog
XOXO Beyond.My.Eyes.Beauty

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Madd Cat Monthly October 2013

Its that time of month again. All of my monthly subscriptions are rolling in my po box! I recently received my Madd Cat Monthly from Madd Style Cosmetics! Boy, did I love this one! I was literally having a mini heart attack when I was doing swatches of the beautiful colors. I really loved everything out of this bag. Mo deserves a A+++++ for this bag. Are you ready to see what I got? Sorry in advance for the primer showing a little, I am experimenting with new swatching techniques.
Great and Powerful
This is a beautiful green toned blackish colored pigment. I think that this was part of an old collection, I am not sure, but it isn't listed on the website for purchase.

This is a very vibrant blue with lots of shimmer and sparkle! This color took my breath away! I was not expecting it to be this bright. I am a sucker for blue. This one is also not for sale on the website. I don't know if it will become for sale or not.

Trick or Treat:
This is a grayish/black with orange sparkles to it. I love this and for some reason I couldn't get the  photo to come out just right. (darn cheap camera). Also this one is not for sale on the website.

Great and Powerful


Trick or Treat

Clementine Jam and Wolfsbane
Swatched over NYX Jumbo pencil in MILK

A beautiful black based pigments with orange sparkle. I cant wait to foil this and use it as a liner.
This color is for purchase on the website.

Clementine Jam
A light to medium orange with gold sparkles. This color is also listed for purchase on the website.
I really loved this months bag. I cant explain how much I adore these beautiful colors. One thing that I love about Madd Style Cosmetics is their pigments are so easy to work with.
Interested in subscribing to Madd Cat Monthly?
Here is the link that will explain everything that you getting yourself into.
Pigments: 10/10
Blendability: 10/10
Texture: 10/10
Shipping: 8/10
Would I purchase again! Of course!
Would I recommend! Of course!
As Always thanks for reading my blog
XOXO Beyond.My.Eyes.Beauty

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

madd style cosmetics subscribtion box Septemeber 2013

Hello Lovelies,
I recently received my first month of Madd Style Cosmetics Monthly subscription. This box is $12 dollars a month. You get 1 full size eye shadow that you can only get in this box. You get one item from their current line. You also get at lease two deluxe samples. There are chances to get more than what is list, whoever you are guaranteed it least all of the following things that I just listed. I liked most of the items that I received in my box this month.
Here is what I received:
5grm jar of Book of Spoilers
5 grm jar of Bluegrass
Mini sample of a perfume
Deluxe shadow sample of Ever After
Deluxe shadow sample of Raven Feathers
Blue Grass: a mossy green with shimmer. This is a beautiful color and a great darker green.

Book of Spoilers: a sky blue matte. If you have ready past post you know that I absoultly hate mattes with a passion.
Here are all the colors that I got. They are swatched over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. This photo is taken with flash.
I have to say this subscribtion was ok I am going to stay with it for a while unless I get let down a lot. I cant complain too much because the value of the items I got are more than the bag is worth. I can always trade items with others when I get something I don't like. I will say that the perfume was awesome. It reminded of what lube smells like, and honestly I really don't want to smell like that!
Pigments: 9/10
Blendability: 10/10
Texture: 10/10
Shipping: 5/10
Would I purchase again! Of course!
Would I recommend! Of course!
As Always thanks for reading my blog
XOXO Beyond.My.Eyes.Beauty

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Darling Girl Cosmetics

Hello Lovlies,
Welcome back. Today I bring to some of the Darling Girl Cosmetics Oh the Horror Halloween Collection. I was so excited for this collection! Susan, the owner of Daring Girl Cosmetics has been doing sneek peaks for a while. I just couldn't wait for these to go on sale. I grabbed me a few as soon as they went on sale along with a new color. I hope that you enjoy this post.
Photos have been swatched over Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Photo taken with flash

Pigments swatched over NYX Jumbo Pencil in milk
Photo taken with flash

Pigments swatched over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Photos taken with flash.

Photo taken with flash.
I am in Pain:
DGC: Pale icy blue with golden green to blue shift and glimmering green sparkles.
BMEB: A light blue with lots of shimmer and sparkle
Photo taken with flash.
DGC: Blue-ish green base with strong golden sheen and sparkling iridescence that shifts from gold to blue
BMEB: A green pigment with gold tone to it.

Photo taken with flash
King Kong:
DGC: Black with strong turquoise flash and silver and gold sparkles
BMEB: a black based pigments with greenish/blue colored toned to it.

Photo taken with flash
Creature From The Black Lagoon:
DGC: Murky blackened aqua with golden sparks
BMEB: A Blueish colored pigment with lots of sparkles.

photo taken with flash.
Camp Blood:
DGC: Steely grey pearl loaded with color shifting red shimmer that shifts from pinky red to orange to gold. 
BMEB: a silver based pigment with a ton of shimmer and sparkle.

Photo taken with flash
Bathed In Blood:
DGC: Blood red pearl with pink iridescence and color shifting pink shimmer
BMEB: a burnt red with shimmer.

Photo taken with flash.
Attack of the 50ft Women
DGC: Bright sunny yellow with a gorgeous pinky red shift and pink color shifting sparkles.  The pink red shift was a little shy but you can see glimpses of it in the swatch photo's.
BMEB: A true yellow with lots of shimmer.

Photo taken with flash
The Invisable Man
DGC: Lavender with turquoise to violet shift
BMEB: A light purple toned pigment with lots of shimmer.

Photo taken with flash
The Count
DGC:Royal purple with purple sheen and color shifting lavender iridescence
BMEB: A tried rich purple colored pigments with light purple shimmer

Photo taken with flash
Seven Days Later
DGC: Antique silver with soft turquoise to pinky violet flash and a light dusting of royal blue sparkle.
BMEB: A greenish silver based pigment with blue sparkles.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post I was supper excited for this collection to be coming out. I was a little bumbed on a few colors that I received. Maybe it was the computer or phone that I was using to look at them. Maybe it was my interpretation of the colors.  I have to say that my favorite colors out of this bunch would be I am in pain and the invisible man. They are beautiful colors.
Pigments: 8/10
Blendablilty: 6/10
Color: 10/10
Shipping: 10/10
Would I purchase again! Of course I love Darling Girl Cosmetics
Would I recommend: Yes!
As Always thanks for reading my blog.
XOXO Beyond.My.Eyes.Beauty